sacred space

These are the winners of the 2016 International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture.
A neighbor's daughter is going off to college. She's excited, yet understandably insecure. This is, after all, new and uncharted territory with exposure to buildings and people too numerous to count. And when you live on campus you have the added issue of absorbing completely new living quarters, most likely shared with a roommate who is a virtual stranger to you. It is a lot of energy to deal with before even getting started in your first class.
These defunct worship centers have been resurrected as bookstores, bars, and private homes.
The cemetery is a beautiful place, but as Mom has said many times, seeing my dad's name there makes it all so real, so final. We gave him some pinecones and some tiny violets from the woods, felt sadness and disbelief, and then walked back to the car.
Make room for wonder, no matter what your beliefs are.
Imagine US Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elana Kagan going together, along with eight other Jewish women
Where is your sacred space? How does it receive you from the world? How does it release you back into the world?
Forget those gotta-dos, author Anne Lamott was saying. Forget about those things we should have done, and, crap, the things we never should have done in the first place.
Adopt the attitude of gratitude and you are likely to feel a peaceful calm wash over you as you will usher in a season of positive energy through thanks.
Take time to incorporate elements that you find beautiful, or as one of my client says, "Oooh, that makes me happy!" Things that evoke that reaction are the things that speak to the soul.
Worship services at St. Lydia's church in Brooklyn center around a meal prepared by attendees. "Growing up, I was really
The mystery of that solitude of space and their collective inspiration permeates the gallery's combined presentation of their work.
I have to wonder if sacred space is really confined to a particular place that each of us has to go to in order to feel centered and peaceful. Instead of us going to it, why can't it come to us?
The stress and strain of constantly being connected can sometimes take your life -- and your well-being -- of course. GPS