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In hindsight, I never even knew that I was not stable. I thought stress was normal, anxiety was part of daily life, and that
Three years later meditation is not only a part of my daily practice; it defines my daily living. None of this would have
Since my time at the Isha Institute, I incorporated a lot of what I experienced into my daily eating ritual and my digestive challenges have tremendously improved. Here are some tips that might help you.
If you have never been without your phone, give it a try for a couple of hours a day. Next time you meet some friends or family members for dinner, leave your phone at home. Break free from the ball and chain. Fully engage with your life and the life of those around you. Not with your phone's 'life.'
Embed from Getty Images I downloaded the Isha Kriya app and tried to do the meditation in my hotel room. I was on my own
Remember, not all who wander are lost. Those who wander find things about themselves that may never have been discovered had they remained. By trying, you experience life. When you experience life, you learn and grow. Each action creates not only a new experience, but also helps you see a new way of looking at your one, beautiful, true SELF.
In the end, we may not reach our goals or we may break a resolution. Who cares. Don't kick and scream. Take the road of grace and ease. You may find that while on this road, even though your life did not go according to your plan, what happened instead was even better.
These five-minute processes are easy-to-practice, yet potent tools to enhance health, joy, peace, love, success and inner exploration, helping one cope with the hectic pace of modern life and realize their full potential.
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