The world of transportation is now experiencing a renaissance as gas-guzzling vehicles are supplanted with alternative fuel sources. One way of accelerating the development of breakthrough innovations is by experimenting with and testing new technologies in racing.
"We are working now to develop a suite of initiatives focused on improving our campus climate and fostering diversity."
A wide range of conflicting claims have surfaced after the Friday night party.
The childhood rhyme of sticks and stones is bullshit: words can hurt people. There is no such ambiguity regarding the N-word, a powerful example of linguistic evolution and understanding that words can hurt people and represent larger societal wounds.
Sigma Alpha epsilon faced national scrutiny in March when a chapter in Oklahoma was caught signing racist lyrics.
One mother wrote to the university administration on March 11: Thirty minutes later, the university's Interfraternity Council
As if building a real bridge (though, from the looks of that image, they already are), teams must be able to quickly implement their design without much delay (referred to as Accelerated Bridge Construction, or ABC), use specified materials, and (naturally) provide a very strong bridge.
Stanford police are on the hunt for vandals who painted swastikas on a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house.
For the spring 2014 pledge class, however, the chaplains typed a speech about a different set of characters, who were not
Contrary to popular belief, Black people are not responsible for carrying the burden of white remorse. We are no one's moral mules and neither are we anyone's ethical scapegoats. We are more than that. Much more.
When a child actress is called a vile name by an long-running satire site, a beautiful young singer is labeled a stoner for wearing dreadlocks and a phenomenal 13-year old-female athlete is called a slut, they deserve more than a canned, robotic mea culpa.
To get beyond the headlines and the squirming of the exposed ones, there are two important things to consider. First, please, let's give at least some attention to the actual operation of racial oppression, something that goes beyond words.
Colleges have seen additional controversies around racial issues in just the last week. On Wednesday, a black University
The overarching desire is not to live in a "post-racial" America, but to exist in a "post-racist" America. The goal is not for all races to be considered the same, but for each race to have a private identity and culture that is separate, but respected equally.
"Why are you surprised?" is the response I get when I bring up the OU incident in my suburban New York City household or among my Northeastern friends.
Colleges and universities must reimagine undergraduate social life in order to guarantee campus safety. Congress must repeal the fraternity and sorority exemption to Title IX to ensure equal access to education and eradicate inherently discriminatory student organizations.