Saeed Abedini

Saeed Abedini wants the U.S. to declare itself a "Christian country" and thinks the reality television star is the man who can make it happen.
The six lawmakers told the Iranian ambassador to the U.N. that the "wrongly imprisoned Americans" needed to be released.
"We actually shook hands, thinking we had an agreement," the secretary of state said.
The U.S. is set to release seven Iranians in exchange.
"I see the failure of this agreement as being a more treacherous path forward," Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich.) says.
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) ― Iran’s deputy foreign minister says Iranian diplomats discussed the case of Americans still held captive
The statement added that next month will mark four years since Hekmati was placed in one of Iran's most notorious prisons
AMIR HEKMATI "My father is the longest-held hostage in American history. No U.S. citizen has been held overseas longer than
Nagmeh wrote about the encounter on the website of the American Center for Law and Justice, the organization that has spearheaded
Nagmeh Abedini, his wife, told HuffPost that she’s praying daily for her husband’s return. According to the American Center
Everything depends on whether Tehran, and not just President Hassan Rouhani, is serious. No surprise, many analysts -- and more importantly, paladins of Capitol Hill -- remain skeptical. And that doubt has fueled efforts to impose new sanctions, which would impede if not kill efforts to reach a final accord.
Since his arrest, Abedini has endured beatings causing internal bleeding and has had medical care withheld, according to
There is nothing easy about reading the story of Pastor Saeed Abedini, and it's been getting worse.