Passengers in two vehicles captured the dramatic scene in South Africa.
With Safari and virtually all other popular browsers not patched, hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users may not have secure means of web browsing until Apple issues its patch.
Feast may be bordering its pre-teen years, but Taylor is in full-on toddler mode.
Apple's announcement drew a cheer from the crowd at a conference Monday.
Photo credit: Jamie Joseph / © We ramble along a sandy road, and as we turn the corner we meet a young
really do not think I had a bucket list per se, but as the 'kids' grew up and there was more to time to think and wonder, I've allowed myself to dream of places I would like to see and things I still want to do.
Last week, my husband and I visited with the Jouberts in one of the safari camps and preserves they founded: Great Plains
By Nancy and James Chuda Founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World   And Kimberly Strenk for TravelSmith our
Lake Natron, in Tanzania, is a serene expanse of water where flamingoes stop on their migration, below the titanic bulk of
Heritage Ruins Over the past century, India's efforts to conserve the big cat has improved, showing a steep incline in tiger
The decision is made - it's officially, finally time to take that bucket list safari. But with that one decision comes a
NOTHING spooks The Terminator ... except for this.
There's nowhere like Victoria Falls. That's not hyperbole, just a statement of truth. The waterfall, on the mighty Zambezi River, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.
Mention Zimbabwe to even the most adventurous traveler and the country's image problem becomes apparent from the outset. The two things people most associate with it are Mugabe and hyperinflation.