safe campus act

Internal documents reveal the inside story of the fraternity lobbying effort.
Fraternities are opposing it after spending thousands of dollars lobbying for the bill.
The groups gave up after spending months lobbying in favor of the bill.
An umbrella group for the sororities has spent thousands lobbying for the controversial bill.
The sorority makes clear that parts of the controversial bill raise serious concerns.
Advocates told Congress the GOP bill would make colleges less safe.
"For me, it almost felt personal because I was in a sorority."
The fraternity cited "internal squabbling" and "counterproductive tactics" as reasons it is leaving.
Victims of sexual violence often hesitate to come forward, rape is difficult to prove and thousands of rapists walk free on campuses every year. The idea that we need federal legislation to protect the rights of accused rapists at the expense of victims is nothing short of ludicrous.