Safe Horizon

The former prosecutor has faced renewed backlash after the release of Ava DuVernay's stunning Netflix limited series, "When They See Us."
They're assumed to be criminals themselves, or can't get help in their own language.
This kind of portrayal relies on a negative shock factor that may undermine its effectiveness.
___________________ I was honored to speak with Bolton recently about her experience with domestic violence as a basketball
We, as a diverse community, must let Diamond know that she too deserves her time to grieve and to navigate the next few hard months in her own way. As best we can, we must help lift that pressure to be strong and resilient when sometimes grieving may be all she can do to get through the days, hours and minutes.
The homeless system can best be described as a tangled web, within a tangled web, within a tangled web. It can be extremely difficult to navigate.
Since the film first gained viewership, there has been some backlash attempting to undermine the credibility of the film
Last week's indictment represents hope for Bill Cosby's more than 50 victims -- hope that justice is possible even decades later. Justice that every survivor deserves.
Many things need to change in our society before killings like those in Colorado and California end. We absolutely need decisive action on gun violence, for a start. But we also know that we can help reduce the daily bloodshed in our society by intervening sooner and supporting victims more fully.
The last 12 months were a watershed for domestic violence. Famous athletes faced real scrutiny for the acts of violence they committed, survivors took control of the conversation with a viral hashtag, purple nails expanded the dialogue nationwide, and there were also incredible advocacy wins.