The inspectors who decide whether homes have been abandoned and are ready for foreclosure are doing such a terrible job that
That's because the contracting companies have often brushed off accusations that they are failing to supervise their workers
The experience, Wisniewska said, was devastating. "I couldn’t get a job with the felony hanging over me. I lost weight. I
The same pattern was in evidence elsewhere. Bank-owned homes in Denver's minority neighborhoods, for example, were nine times
Though American home values have appreciated in recent months and new foreclosure filings have finally abated, companies
"I've even had an order sending me to a property that was never owned by any bank," he said. "I know it has got to be painstaking
A Texas family is claiming that a foreclosure contractor cleared their barn of love letters, a wedding dress and a boat. Problem is, their house wasn’t even in foreclosure. The Moors say the Ohio-based Safeguard Properties mistook their barn for their neighbor’s foreclosed home, according to the Austin American-Statesman. The company, which acknowledged the mistake to the paper, said an insurance company is reviewing the Moors’ claim and should have information for the family soon.
She added: "Last year, Safeguard performed more than 14 million work orders on properties across the country. Instances of
Typically, a bank that services or collects the payments on a home loan will send an electronic notice to an independent