In the past year, there have been at least three fatal crashes when Tesla cars were in self-driving mode.
Dennis Muilenburg conceded the planemaker made an error in its in handling of a warning-system problem in its 737 Max jet.
Boeing finally told the FAA about a problem with its 737 Max aircraft 13 months after it discovered the problem.
Amy Schumer is saying what all women are feeling when they leave their house.
Whether evacuating or taking shelter at home, here’s how to keep your pets safe during a hurricane.
The father allegedly told his daughter, “What did you do? Were you playing with daddy’s gun? ... You aren’t supposed to play with daddy’s gun.”
New York is taking a tougher stance on domestic violence and gun violence with updated legislation that keeps guns out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers.
The decision follows multiple pet-related mishaps, including the death of a puppy.
It's possible to do it without freezing or hurting yourself.
Fliers were posted across Cleveland State University’s campus, encouraging queer students to kill themselves. The University has condemned the posters but says free speech makes it “difficult” to ban the messages.
They offer hopes and prayers but no solution to gun violence. Meet the lawmakers who are paid by the gun lobby to keep America unsafe.
Arkansas is a concealed-carry state. As part of HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour, Leah Harris told us why she feels the need to own a gun in Little Rock.
In an effort to improve safety for solo female travelers, Indian airline is letting women opt out of taking the middle seat.
“There was a burn mark on her hand ... the hand that would have grabbed the phone," her grandmother said.
Know your limits, know your surroundings -- and don't underestimate nature.
The White House seems to measure regulations in terms of dollars and cents. What about lives lost or saved?
President Trump signed an executive order asking the EPA to review Obama-era rules designed to limit water pollution. Critics fear it could pave the way for the wholesale slashing of environmental protection regulations.