safety pins

After the election, I was distraught. It wasn't just that my candidate lost. It was that Donald Trump won the Electoral College by fanning the flames of bigotry and hatred. Whether or not he really believes what he said doesn't matter.
Don’t rely on simply feeling guilty as your contribution.
Asked by KLZ radio host Dan Meurer Nov. 30 if there were "safe spaces" at CCU, Ellis said: But CCU is also known for holding
Many people are not wearing the pin in an intentional manner, but because others they know, like, and respect are putting
Ellis joined CCU last year as affiliate faculty, while still practicing law, and this year she became "full faculty," as
I am wearing a safety pin these days. Supposedly it will tell people who may be frightened or unsure that I am a safe person
Wearing a safety pin doesn't help anyone. While the intention was commendable, there is no solidarity without strategy.
The outcome of this election has thrown our country into great danger in ways I do not need to enumerate. I am now doing
Newsflash: White man explains our motivations to us, then tells us what to do.
I don’t want to subscribe to a debate that begins by judging someone based on one's appearance.
I was so glad she didn't try to. Amy left the overzealous Leslie Knope side behind, and didn't for a second compartmentalize
After researching the humble utility device, it became apparent everyone associates safety pins with something.