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But it's Delta Airlines that surprisingly just outdid all the others. Delta premiered "The Internetest safety video on the
Let's face it, watching a safety video is not the most interesting cinematic experience you'll ever have. Unless there's
John and Jackie Kennedy's Virginia country house is on the market -- it was the only house that the Kennedys built together, and for just under $11 million, you can have your own 160-acre Camelot in horse country.
At first glance, Michael Paul Smith's Flickr photo stream might look like behind-the-scenes footage of one of our favorite 50s-era TV shows. But upon closer inspection, the retro cars and vintage homes are much smaller than they appear. They're diorama-size to be exact.
We have long had a fascination with bothsavory Jell-O recipes and kooky vintage recipes, but nothing in all of our retro hobbyism prepared us for what we found on Reddit the other day.
These rare photos from the archives of LIFE Magazine show an individual so uniquely at ease with himself, we're surprised that his name isn't synonymous with this level of confidence. That person, of course, is Jack Nicholson.
A week ago, Air New Zealand released their latest safety video, "An Unexpected Briefing," which has now reached an amazing 7.7 million views.