The film database announced the update after outcry from LGBTQ rights groups. Still, many feel the site has more work to do.
The "A Star Is Born" actress served up some old Hollywood glamour at the ceremony.
The deal, following the fall of Harvey Weinstein and the rise of Me Too, aims to further an entertainment industry culture change.
"I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with this statue," the 80-year-old actor said on Sunday night.
I am concerned about the financial future of our union and the future prospects for our performers, both young and old, to
The race for the SAG-AFTRA presidency is as divided as Hillary v. Trump
“It’s historic for people in Spanish-language television,” the union president said.
"I would like to ... thank President Trump for making Frank Gallagher look normal."
Photo courtesy of Riley Jamison / 1600 VINE Susan Sprung PGA, Paul Audley FilmL.A., Ilyanne Morden Kichaven SAG-AFTRA Los
Max Charles has a resume longer than his arm. This confident young man is not only adorable, but a pleasure to interview!
Seemingly, the solution adopted by Heretick's artistic director Jennifer Cotteleer is simple: the production went with a
Jonah Hill gives emotional apology over homophobic slur on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show: "The word I chose was grotesque."
In other words, LGBT Americans gain acceptance as people realize that "LGBT" does not automatically equate to white, affluent gay men enjoying fabulous vacations, expensive vodka and stylish clothing