sagging pants

Roupe, who's loss in the November election means she'll be leaving the State Legislature this week, declined to sign The
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With a dress code, the devil is in the details. So we avoid them. The policy has multiple intentions. First, we explicitly
"I think putting them in jail is just a little bit much."
Old men wear their pants too high. Young men wear their pants too low. It's no wonder that men can't find a woman's erogenous zones. They can't even find their own waist!
For years I've debated the issue of people wearing sagging pants with anyone who cared to listen. I've hesitated to speak publicly for fear people would think I was condoning the style of dress. For the record, I believe style is a matter of personal expression.
People are looked on as nerdy, tough guys, criminals, successful and unsuccessful based on their "packaging." Just like the batteries were still great despite the package being damaged, some individuals are the same way.
Ignorance prevails and it instills in us all that we should not have our own sense of individuality, but instead that we are expected to be identical to others whose skin pigmentation is the same as ours.
Prince George's County certainly isn't the first place in the country to fight sagging pants—in 2005, Virginia legislators