saggy pants ban

"It is not in His orders to do that to gain eternal life.”
Meanwhile the ACLU of Florida called Holmes's legislation "a ridiculous waste of public resources" that would "disproportionately
"If you want to be a Justin Bieber, go do it somewhere else," Troiano told "Good Day New York" in the segment above. He added
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Terrebone Council Vice Chairman Russell Hornsby advised that the council check up on the saggy pants ban in a year to see
The American Civil Liberties Union pushed back, arguing that such a law would have a disproportionate racial impact, specifically
Kenneth Stokes, a Hinds County Supervisor, is hoping to enact an ordinance that would prohibit individuals from sagging their
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In October, a community group on Chicago's West Side sought to amend the city's indecent exposure law in order to make the
In 2008, a Florida judge ruled that a Riviera Beach, Fla., city ban on saggy pants, the violation of which resulted in one
Despite the fact that laws banning baggy pants have been ruled unconstitutional by judges across the country, Collinsville
"Frankly, government shouldn't be telling us how to dress," American Civil Liberties Union spokesman Edwin Yohnka told CBS