sahara desert

Since stopping jeeps is not something done voluntarily in the Mourdi, I was surprised when we did so towards the far end
Aside from a week spent camping in the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in the Republic of Congo, an overnight trip in the Hudson
The study authors speculate African dust has thus played an important role in feeding the Amazon critical nutrients "on time
Sahwaris haven't had much to celebrate since 1976 when 80% of their country was gobbled up by Morocco after the former colonial power Spain was driven out following many decades of a war of independence waged by Sahwaris, traditional nomads.
Perhaps it would be helpful to remember the old Arab adage: "All sunshine makes a Sahara," referring to the 3,500,000 square
Attempts to reach a lasting deal through U.N.-mediated talks have floundered. In the report, Ban renewed his call for a revival
A few weeks ago, mortar shells exploded near my hotel in Timbuktu. There had already been death threats, refugees had gone missing, humanitarians had been kidnapped, and journalists had been killed. So how did I end up here?
Hidden deep within the Sahara Desert lies a stunning site you probably didn't know existed -- until now. Check out the impressive
HuffPost's Third Metric wants you to redefine success beyond money and power. Today we look at how one woman gives back.
In the remote village of Yakutat, Alaska -- recommended as one of Forbes' best places to "get off the grid" -- the interwebs
[See: Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations] Except for the occasional camel, all you'll see stretching across the Sahara
What triggers our fascination with the desert? It's without a doubt one of the most inhospitable places you can venture to, yet desert safaris and dune adventuring are all the rage.
Tafuri and her colleague Savino di Lernia began excavating the archaeological site between 2003 and 2006. At the same site
After 14 centuries, Islamist Arabs have once more conquered the Berbers of North Africa. The Sahara is lost again.
The rebel commander, his face hidden behind a dark turban, leads the way over the soft sand, scorched black in places by
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