saint hoax

The prez hopeful joins four male celebrities in a statement-making art series.
"Girls get their period once a month. Sometimes it gets messy. Get over it."
Aladdin saving Princess Jasmine from the evil clutches of Jafar; a prince smooching Snow White, reviving her from her eternal
Jan Brewer Vetoes Arizona Anti-Gay Billl #SB1062, Texas gay marriage ban ruled unconstitutional by judge, the uninsured are turning against Obama Care, Americans are disappointed in Obama's Presidency, Kerry Kennedy's day in court and more.
Artist Saint Hoax made waves across the Internet this week with a project as unique as it is culturally relevant. He joins Alyona to discuss the project.
"I never heard from him after that, and the art show failed to happen. I then decided to digitally illustrate the W.D.Y.O