Originally published on Kirkus. For more from Kirkus, click here. Golden Hill by Francis Spufford "A first-rate entertainment
All the Agents and Saints: Dispatches from the U.S. Borderlands by Stephanie Elizondo Griest "In this well-conceived book
With the advent of the Internet and email, the art of letter writing has suffered in the 21st century.
4) Visions and dreams were some of the ways by which Baba entered into the lives of people he wished to draw. Many countless
In wrapping up my exploration of the history behind Valentine's Day the day itself has a past that is not quite like the way we celebrate in modern times and thank goodness. Heck, my male friend whose comments about what his significant other should be doing to and for him were not so far off the mark in terms of the history.
Asceticism is the practice of denying various comforts to oneself and even inflicting upon oneself various occasions of discomfort. Most religions endorse ascetic discipline in the belief that physical and mental hardship is a sure path to spiritual maturity.
In our deepest, darkest hours, we all come to light. Every single time. But in our sunny days, we all can see the night of our love. When love dies, everything else pales. And we all cry and pray and say strong words.
The ostensible reason for Vargas's visit to the famous Tepito shrine was to give Doña Queta a gift that New York City Santa
Junípero Serra "created and brought genocide to the California Indian people."
The unusual process that Serra's sainthood case has taken indicates that Francis personally willed the canonization and that
But for Hackel, the way Serra approached his work gives a vital clue to understanding his path to sainthood. The pope’s appearance
This course teaches us: to go within; to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions; and to trust intuition to guide our education
Most people think Valentine's Day was invented by Hallmark Cards. It wasn't. Valentine's Day is actually a well-documented, historical phenomenon -- its tangled roots winding their way through centuries worth of Christian liturgy, pagan tradition, myth, and an occasional beheading.
Serra, a theology professor by training, was tasked in 1767 with expanding the Catholic mission system from Mexico's Baja
If we are to reverse the trend of violence and environmental destruction on our planet, we need many, many more such people. It's time for a Manhattan Project focused on our most wasted resource: our capacity for good.