What is the meaning of this mystery of iniquity that makes of a simple being, innocent in every sense of the word, the stakes of a global arm-wrestling match?
The Sakineh confession broadcast on Saturday is the new episode of the strange "reality" show that the Iranian regime has staged around her case. For those of you who would like to get to the bottom of this situation, I have some advice: stick to the basics.
Why a demonstration for Sakineh, the disgruntled ask? Aren't there many other Sakinehs, in Iran and elsewhere, facing the same fate? Because Sakineh is a symbol, we replied in unison.
Sajjad is the only one who can provide exact news of his mother. With a good deal of patience and thanks to Iranian bloggers, I managed to speak with him, and it is an extremely moving story.
This is the question that those who initiated the appeal entitled "Sakineh Must Not be Stoned" a fortnight ago asked themselves. Unfortunately, no one has the answer to this dreadful question.