This giant salamander has spots like a leopard and fronds resembling a Christmas tree on its head.
Since these animals need quality underwater rocky habitat, siltation is one of their biggest enemies. Siltation occurs when
Karlo lives at Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic.
The critically endangered animal is said to weigh more than 100 pounds.
These days, salamanders are among the least intimidating creatures on the planet -- so harmless, they're commonly used a
An easy escape from Washington, D.C. lies just across the Virginia state line. Here two resorts are nestled in Loudoun County, near Dulles Airport. Lansdowne and Salamander offer two very different experiences, but both have been designed with families in mind.
That hope is key, since salamanders and other amphibians, most notably frog species, are facing serious challenges to surviving
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Six specimens of this new species, now called Beiyanerpeton jianpingensis, were discovered in the Tiaojishan Formation, in
A rare salamander is being driven to the brink of extinction in the wild because of internet trading, conservationists say
So it's not exactly adorable, but it's pretty amazing looking. Recently discovered on an expedition through Ecuador by Conservation