Salem Witch Trials

Kim Driscoll offered some facts after the president claimed the impeachment process was less fair than the infamous hearings in Massachusetts.
President Donald Trump said he is taking “zero responsibility” for getting impeached hours before the House Of Representatives is set to vote on sending charges to the Senate.
On the eve of the House impeachment vote, the president penned a lengthy, rambling letter to the House speaker.
The former House speaker compared the sexual misconduct allegations facing the Supreme Court nominee to the Salem witch trials.
Beyond the expected Sabrina and Samantha.
A: The problem, as you know, is that you never really leave the writing desk. So your day-to-day life seems at times like
But in Western theism God is said to be all-powerful. The devil is not more powerful or even as powerful as God, and so, God
Artist Rebecca Goyette and her alter ego "Ghost Bitch" are taking no prisoners.
In addition, Stacy Schiff's recent release, The Witches: Salem, 1692, offers a raw and unflinching glimpse at the lives and
Witchcraft in colonial New England both intrigues and confounds us. Long before film and television focused obsessively on supernatural themes, Americans writers and artists have grappled with how best to comprehend the 1692 witchcraft scare in Salem and the larger system of beliefs that gave rise to that chilling incident.