Salem Witch Trials

The former House speaker compared the sexual misconduct allegations facing the Supreme Court nominee to the Salem witch trials.
Beyond the expected Sabrina and Samantha.
Q: How do you choose a subject for writing? A: The problem, as you know, is that you never really leave the writing desk
There were no witches. And there was no devil. All this devil lore in post-biblical Jewish literature so influenced emerging
Artist Rebecca Goyette and her alter ego "Ghost Bitch" are taking no prisoners.
Indeed, a fervent belief in religion and fear of the supernatural went hand-in-hand in 17th century Salem. If milk spoiled
Witchcraft in colonial New England both intrigues and confounds us. Long before film and television focused obsessively on supernatural themes, Americans writers and artists have grappled with how best to comprehend the 1692 witchcraft scare in Salem and the larger system of beliefs that gave rise to that chilling incident.
In the media these days, as in Salem itself, one can't swing a figurative black cat without hitting a witch, and the depictions of those witches are often poor enough to make The Witches Education League take notice. With the recent publicity about Proctor's Ledge, Salem's true hanging ground that has gone unrecognized for centuries, even more attention has been paid to the already saturated Witch City, so it was with trepidation that I attended a pre-screening of "The Witch," writer-director Robert Eggers' feature debut that was previewed recently for a few writers and historians at the Salem Cinema. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.
Scholars ID spot where 19 innocents were killed in 1692.
On November 28, 2015, my spouse and I went to see Trumbo, which is based upon the life of Dalton Trumbo and how it was impacted during one of the most shameful times in U.S. history -- the McCarthy era. The film interested me because of many comparable similarities today and because the father of close childhood friends of mine had been included on the Hollywood-blacklist.
Schiff takes a thrilling look at the nine-month spell of executions in her latest work.
The following article first appeared in The National Book Review. Polish writer and psychologist Bikont's book -- a work
The duo of Kimberly Freeman and Jason Rufuss Sewell are musical nomads of sorts and their band One-Eyed Doll cannot be held in any one place at any time. It's a band vivid with shades of musicality that are not often ventured into by many which paint a bright picture in your mind.
You are whole, seeing earth, air, fire, water, divine glow in the flow of life, the light of spirit everywhere, in every
The idea that women are the moral center of a household, responsible for the spiritual and ethical guidance of both children
A black cape, a pointed hat and a broom. There is perhaps no Halloween costume more iconic than a witch. But does it cross