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Online sales tax collection windfall? Not for Johnny-come-lately states.
States are writing new laws for collecting taxes on internet sales, banking on a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court
At every step in production, the cost of a product increases.
There are 17 states with back-to-school sales tax holidays scheduled from late July through August, the eligible items and
This week, the Legislature returns from its summer recess and begins the sprint to adjournment at the end of the month. For the bills that have survived multiple committee hearings, floor votes and amendments, this is the end of the line.
Perhaps certain regressive taxes are fine. Perhaps all of them are, if we're consciously balancing them against our progressive income tax code. Problem is, we're almost completely oblivious to the regressive aspects of our tax system.
1. The Fun Tax (Massachusetts and Virginia) If you want to have fun, you have to pay for it! Massachusetts and Virginia are
For the second year in a row, WalletHub has pegged Illinois as the worst state to be a taxpayer. The personal finance site's
Key Tax Breaks Extended Temporarily Through 2016: Mortgage Debt Exclusion - Unfortunately, financial crisis can happen in