Selling is all about connecting. Connecting with those who become your customers is the only way you can get that trust you need to make the sale.
Sales can be the bane of a small business owner's existence. Limited budgets and limited time sometimes put a constraint on profits. So how can you sell more effectively?
At first glance it seems shocking that there could be a profession in which three-quarters of practitioners are inept. But the numbers make sense when you consider that most people who go into sales have no formal training about how to sell.
Let me introduce you to two salespeople: Don and Liz. Both have been selling bathroom accessories for 20 years. However, they each sell in a completely different way.
Being a great salesperson isn't about tactics; it's about being genuine, helpful, and respectful. If you can relax, listen, and focus on the client, people will return to you for years to come.
Salespeople often have no clue as to why their prospects would even want to buy from them. This question is the ultimate paintbrush in the hand of your prospect. This is where you fully understand what the prospect wants to accomplish from a high level.
The problem is not the small business owners themselves. In fact, I've watched many small business owners go from sales chump to sales star in only a few months' time. Instead, the root problem is that small business owners are following bad advice.
Don't position yourself as the old-fashioned self-motivated sales person knocking on doors. You are a consultant there to help fill gaps with your offer to enable prospective buyers to achieve an aspirational version of themselves.
Rejection is not necessarily a symptom of a bad offer. The packaging could be perfect, but where you might be deficient is in your positioning. To really win, you have to think the exact opposite of your potential buyer, and it has to happen first thing in the morning.
To truly succeed you need to begin by understanding one hard truth: regardless of whether your dream is to start a small business or a social movement, you are always, ALWAYS selling.
With justifiable alarm, owners of all sizes of physical businesses are witnessing the white-hot holiday shopping battle, where the front lines are increasingly conducted as real time price wars.
Entrepreneurs unwittingly do a lot to sabotage their sales.
As in all professions, sales techniques continue to evolve and adapt to the nature of the times in which we live. Great service, good pricing and loyal relationships have become yesterday's sales standards.