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What could be better than bringing your favorite stories — or the ones you don’t even know yet — to life through audiobooks
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A full-frontal scene in "Outlaw King" started the online chatter, and host Graham Norton wasn't about to finish it.
In her book "In Pieces," the "Gidget" actress describes abuse allegations against Jock Mahoney.
"My years with Burt never leave my mind,” said Reynolds’ "Smokey and the Bandit" co-star and former love.
Bee has received varied responses to her Ivanka insult and subsequent apology.
"Thanks, mom," Sam Greisman captioned the photo of them attending a gala.
And the Olympic skater sent a sweet message to the actress’ son.
The Academy Award-winning actress urged her son to "find a way" after he dished on his Olympic crush.
Why make "I want you" a race thing at all? Why can’t it just be a "me" thing?
She rocked a Planned Parenthood pin at the Tony's to prove it.
"If you look at his history, there is no evidence that he can do one single thing that he says he’s going to do."
What's not to love about the actress who makes us both laugh and cry?