sally jewell

“I’ve been shot at before. I’m very comfortable with it," the Interior secretary and former Navy SEAL said.
Her successor Ryan Zinke wasted little time reviving an arcane military flag-flying tradition.
Former Interior Department officials warn the move endangers both visitors and America's priceless resources.
Ryan Zinke's oil-friendly order "might just have landed the decisive blow" against the imperiled bird, a conservationist said.
"There's still a need to show that climate change is real and that human activity contributes to it," she said.
The end of the Reagan era deals is a victory for the Blackfeet Nation.
Equally as impressive in accomplishment is the vast improvement for all Americans to be able to access the Great Outdoors
As we celebrate today's monument designation, we remain hopeful for more "deeds" that recognize the contribution of women and move them towards full equality and participation in society.
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Rather than proposing to sell off wildlife refuges for short-term gains, our leaders and legislators at all levels should be thinking about how to protect them for the long term, so our children and grandchildren can visit them.