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This woman needs to talk to someone about why she is ignoring the duties she was elected to do in lieu of drafting needless, dangerous, discriminatory bills.
OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb 18 (Reuters) - An Oklahoma bill to punish any local or state employee who issues marriage licenses to
I have a strong, healthy dose of self-esteem. This is fortunate because recently there has been a steady stream of damaging messages coming from the media, politicians and religious leaders. There are plenty of voices proclaiming that there is something wrong with me.
This won't be the last we see of that anti-gay backlash to marriage equality. Cases are continuing to move ahead in multiple states. Just in the last week, lawsuits have advanced in Puerto Rico, Nebraska, Kansas, and Louisiana.
There are clearly a lot of issues with the state of Oklahoma, but ultimately it is my hope that lawmakers will one day prioritize their civilities.
Here comes the backlash. Carden Crow, a 36-year-old transgender man from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, said he went through conversion
Sally Kern, I repent for the amount of dislike I had in my heart towards you, because I realized you don't know God. Because, if you do know God like I do then you must realize the hate that has spewed from you is a turnoff for those who desire to be Christ-like.
Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern (R) has introduced a bill to officially change the name of the state from Oklahoma to Okernhoma. Kern stated, "By putting my name in the state's name, the people in our great state will be reminded that my opinions are more important than any one person's individual rights."
I am elated that the Federal Courts are forcefully dragging you kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I know leadership in your state might, or might not, agree with this ruling, and the truth is, at one point my grandma's didn't either. But they came around.
As barriers to legal equality seem to be falling like dominoes in the United States, it's easy for LGBT Americans and their allies to feel a sense of giddiness. But even as the momentum in the U.S. seems to be accelerating in the right direction, a disturbing countertrend has emerged. - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - | Echoing Kern's sentiments as part of the same broadcast
In an interview with me at the 2008 RNC, Sally Kern repeated a line she'd said before, that "we're becoming so open-minded that our brains are falling out." Well, Kern's brain must be toppling all over the sidewalk, after a federal judge in Oklahoma ruled yesterday that the state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.
However, another parent disagreed. The proposal, titled the “Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act,” is designed to prevent school
Oklahoma Lawmaker Proposes 'Common Sense' Rules For Toy Guns
"I have to be honest with you Rick, when I was sitting there in my car that day and when she told me that those emails were
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The AP recently reported on the legislation: Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern, a Republican, made questionable remarks in the
The AP reports on Kern's remarks on "the homosexual agenda" that sparked controversy across the country just two years ago
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At Monday's address, President Obama renewed thin promises while asking for patience. There was no message indicating that homophobia is the problem, not homosexuals.