Salman Khan

Khan, previously acquitted in a deadly hit-and-run crash, spent a night in a local jail on Thursday as he awaited his bail hearing.
We can only be considered modern civilizations, as opposed to tribal or feudal ones, if we allow the bounty of culture, commerce
Malala Yousafzai, the youngest-ever recipient of the Noble Peace Prize, from NW Pakistan, is still a teenager, and advocates
"I think Salman is such a strong person, he does not let anything show on his face even if it is affecting him. He is mature
"What you see is what I am. I cry and laugh on screen as I would in real life."
Bhagat's accessibility and trustworthiness, and indeed, his popularity, sometimes make it difficult to detect or denounce the serious lapses in his judgement.
Minus one notable quality, Hooda's Himanshu is the appropriate adversary for Khan's Devi. He's intelligent, meticulous, and
According to the first national survey of the "flipped classroom" and the role of video in higher education by the Center
A Mumbai court has ruled that Indian movie star Salman Khan will be tried for homicide for his alleged involvement in a fatal road accident more than 10 years ago. If convicted he faces up to 10 years in jail.
In 2004, Khan began making his YouTube videos of basic math instruction as an alternative to sending his cousins the videos directly. His discovery? His cousins preferred videos to the genuine article: they were quite happy to use the videos rather than have him teach them in person.