salman rushdie

The author was left blind in his right eye after a man attacked him during a lecture in New York last August.
Rushie attended the PEN America gala in New York, just nine months being after being stabbed repeatedly and hospitalized.
The writer, who in 2022 was blinded in one eye after being attacked at a New York state literary festival, also criticized publishers rewriting old books for modern sensibilities.
The author, who went into hiding for a decade after Iran’s leader called for his death, spoke of his recovery after being stabbed multiple times last August.
The 75-year-old author suffered three serious wounds to his neck and 15 more wounds to his chest and torso during the August attack, his agent said.
A New York district attorney also said police are checking to see if the accused attacker was working alone.
The “Top Chef” star spoke for the first time about Rushdie's “nightmare” experience of being stabbed onstage during an event last week.
Iran denied involvement in the stabbing of Salman Rushdie and instead blamed the famed author and his supporters for the attack.
While Iran hasn’t focused on the writer in recent years, a decades-old fatwa demanding his killing still stands.
The author's agent said he is “on the road to recovery” two days after suffering serious injuries in a stabbing at a lecture in upstate New York.