Everyone enjoys trashing confessional writing.
Le' Jemalik is a women only boutique and salon in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.
SkyHorse-Shoes - Fix-It & Forget-It Series The name Vermont conjures up images of ski slopes, farmhouses and moonlight. And
Republicans aren't solely responsible for income inequality in America any more than Democrats are for the country's immigration problem. It has taken two to tango on these, and a variety of other topics, over the course of decades.
It has been said that when we create art we create it in the image of ourselves. My new short film Reflecting Adrianne is
For much of the country, the weather is finally starting to warm up, which means open-toed shoe season is right around the corner. And that definitely means we're ramping up our mani/pedi schedules. But it also means being vigilant about keeping an eye out for any sketchy practices at the local nail salon.
As shears snip perilously close to the face, as a new shape and style reveals itself, and as one begins to feel more beautiful, an uncommonly close friendship emerges, often for a lifetime.
If anything, Salon is needed today more than ever, because a dangerous form of group think has overtaken progressive politics. Once progressives are afraid to challenge even the most powerful Democrats, it won't be long before both parties merge into one; altering our democracy forever.
I didn't let it faze me that they were out of hot water, or that she was using cheap shampoo. Maybe it was the blaring bachata that drowned out any concerns I should've had. Whatever it was, I knew I'd be back.
Toss those women's magazines and stop taking those Facebook quizzes. I have proven data to guarantee you will look 10 years younger!
Read about Don in a Lexington Herald-Leader feature by Tom Eblen Gena is my daughter via adoption. Like most parents, I think
The surest sign that a toddler is getting big is when she becomes more mature than her grandfather. In the case of my granddaughter, Chloe, who is about to turn 3, that happened about three years ago.
It is not intellectually honest to attribute the political rise of Donald Trump solely to Republicans and the Republican Party. It is more complicated than that, and as the Trump story continues to unfold, something rather disturbing is being revealed about American political culture, and its voters.
If one reads carefully The Devil's Chessboard along with James Douglass's superb book, JFK and the Unspeakable, the reader will come away with a deeper understanding of the "crime of the century" that synthesizes the most relevant details that 50 years of scholarship and investigation have provided.
Splitter's ultimate premise is that we Americans have "one of the safest food systems in the world," so while "kids in other
"Sometimes you have to use a bit of your imagination."
New York City moves fast and aspirations soar higher than skyscrapers. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre described it as a place for people who can focus to infinity and whenever he stopped walking quickly, he felt anxious.