salon 94

The 86-year-old artist fought art world prejudice just to brighten your day. Maybe your kitchen too.
Grannan is witness to the people who find themselves on the other side of the American dream in California's now-arid Central Valley, every bit as parched as the cracked and desiccated soil they live on.
From the East Village through the Lower Eastside, over to Chelsea down to the West Village, I strolled. By the time I was through, my feet were through.
The art world focuses once again on New York as the Armory Show and its satellite fairs open this week.
The Armory Show is held at Piers 92 and 94 in New York City and is perhaps the best advertised and attended art show of the week.
The pieces range in both style and material. On one hand we have a modernist Carlo Molino chair with popped color and a svelte
Somehow a glass panel littered with raindrops is seductive, glamorous and dangerous all at once. The gaze with which Minter
Luscious. Naughty. Saturated. Decadent. Such is the moment we are immersed in when we stand in front of the art of Marilyn Minte