“I want to help other girls follow their dreams," owner Huda Quhshi says.
Naked Girls Reading sounded like a fabulous evening; naked beauties sitting around reading literature to a paid audience. What a novel idea for a literary salon. But which came first, the nudity or the literature?
Why I feel I can trust someone with eyebrows drawn in with a pencil to apply hot wax to my face and rip my own eyebrows out, I have no idea. But I do, and it always makes me feel better.
Getting gorgeous in Los Angeles can be a wonderful, star-filled experience, but it can also be a frustrating exercise in financial futility. Here's a short list of where to go and who to see in Los Angeles to get gorgeous top to bottom -- without forking over your entire paycheck.
And some salon owners are none too plussed about the sudden enforcement: The salons are among 138 businesses that have been
There is no doubt that the Taliban threat is real and constant. While it is true that they have hindered progress, and created an environment of fear, instability and violence, that is not the entire picture.
It seems everyone is familiar with Restaurant Week, but there is also a Spa Week in Los Angeles and Orange County, and it starts next week.
Apparently, WaPo editor Marcus Brauchli was lying "when he told the NYT that he didn't know the paper's controversial corporate-sponsored dinner parties would be off-the-record." And guess what else?
The New York Times carried a rare Postscript in Saturday's paper, raising questions about whether it is charging the top Washington Post editor, Marcus Brauchli, with not telling the truth.
Maybe "makeover" is a concept adults can stomach when we watch the neverending stream of reality shows, but I'm not sure that's a great message for 8-year-olds.