Table salt, kosher salt, sea salt and more -- here's how to know how likely it is your seasoning contains chemicals.
Table salt costs less than a dollar, while a similar amount of flake sea salt from a craft salt brand can cost $55. Experts explain what accounts for the difference in price, and how to use each type.
Not only is it scientifically proven to affect flavor, but it helps our bodies in the summer heat.
Should the bill pass, Republicans in Congress will need to answer to millions of Americans who see their ambitions of owning a home go up in flames.
They haven't really read it, but most of them still love it.
There are winners and losers, and some Republicans just want to make sure their constituents don't lose too much.
Iodine has been added to salt since 1924.
The theory is simple: you grill a spatchcocked chicken under a foiled brick. The weight of the brick compresses the meat