salt intake

Plus salt myths and tips everyone should know.
Carefully manage your daily salt intake, and if you at any time notice symptoms of high blood pressure and fluid retention, don't take your time and wait for things to get better. Go to the doctor and inform him about your problems, and make sure to tell him about your daily salt intake
Salt tooths, beware.
Even more, Pizza Hut slices in the U.S. were reported to be 40 percent larger than in other countries, which means when an
Still, Jacobsonsaid that, rather than relying on consumers to reduce their sodium intake, food manufacturers and restaurants
Rigid exclusion of all sodium from our diet is difficult to do and could conceivably be harmful. Moderation can only help and will not hurt us. The goal of reducing salt intake should not be cast aside.
One final trick to outsmart sodium: Foods with potassium dampen sodium effects and even help relax your muscles. Dark leafy
As a followup to my "Cooking Healthy for Kid" post, a critical study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on children's over-consumption of salt raises red flags for me.
The world's leading health authorities -- from the American Heart Association to the World Health Organization -- have urged people to cut back on salt (sodium). There simply is no controversy: Medical experts are nearly unanimous that we're eating too much salt.
Most adults shouldn't consume more than 2,300 mg of sodium a day. People who are 51 or older, African American or who have
I want my friends to be around for more of our traditional group lunches and dinners. So I hope they'll join me in paying a very small price for a normal blood pressure rate -- eat less salt. Luckily, I got into the habit early.
Let us dispel any confusion there may be. There is a direct relationship between salt and hypertension -- and hypertension leads to cardiovascular disease.
The study, conducted with control and hypernatremia (high salt) groups of rats, showed that rats with increased salt levels
Americans consume roughly twice the recommended limit of salt each day, causing widespread high blood pressure and placing millions at risk of heart attack and stroke.