salvador dali

"They just ran off with it, too quick for anyone to do anything about it," said a gallery director.
She's been named Salvador Dolly in an ode to Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali's famed lip decorator.
The artist's iconic facial hair is still, 28 years after his death, "like on a clock face."
An astrologist and psychic believes the artist had an affair with her mother in 1955.
Yayoi Kusama's hypnotic work from Galerie von Vertes, NETS-INFINITY (OPQA), has swirls and dots on canvas that are deceptively
Aside from doodling horse heads and naked women, Dalí obsessively monitored his spending.
When I first watched Sherng-Lee Huang's and Livia Ungur's fantastical film Hotel Dallas, I was reminded of that Salvator Dalí and Walt Disney collaboration Destino.
Talk about turning a mood around. Blending wit, wisdom and humor, Lorna has inherited the gift of comedy, commentary and
In 1965, the surrealist master made a series of unconventional fashion sketches.
Glamorous models dramatically descended the spiral staircase in beautiful couture designs. The midtown townhouse was the