salvation army

The "24K Magic" artist performed this weekend in Honolulu to close out his world tour.
“You can’t always tell who’s living in poverty or who needs help making ends meet.”
“I cannot be the princess of my wedding day, but I can give the kids a fairy tale.”
“I am handing off my presentation of myself of what I’m trying to achieve and what I’m trying to do."
Salvation Army's Human Needs Index tracks signs of poverty in America.
On Friday, the kids celebrated their last day of school. On Monday, they were back at work, but instead of taking tests and writing assignments, they were doing a different type of job: helping the Salvation Army. But the response they got from the Wal-Mart crowd helped show them the true spirit of Christmas.
The volunteer allegedly exposed himself outside a Food City in Tennessee.
1) MONEY. Oooh, the holidays are so good for bringing out our inner Scrooge, are they not? How to fit all those gifts we
"You get to a point in life where it's time to take care of others, the way you were taken care of."
If Peter Singer has his way, that is the future of altruism. "PSI is proud to be among a small number of organizations Peter
Ackerson spends seven days a week in his workshop and estimates that he’s made thousands of toys during his retirement years
Retired four-star Gen. Colin Powell was the first African-American Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, National Security Advisor under President Reagan, the only African-American to date on the Joint Chiefs of Staff of which he became Chairman, and on and on and on.
Silly me. This is England! LONDON - This is a photo of my soaking wet laundry on the clothesline, where it's been hanging
Philadelphia 76ers basketball legend Julius "Dr. J" Erving is the gift that keeps giving to Philadelphia sports fans. The Basketball Hall of Famer returns to Philadelphia for the Julius Erving Golf Classic September 12-14.