Sam Claflin

I felt like I was crossing the virtual picket lines when I went to see Me Before You. After seeing so many people with disabilities protesting the movie as an affront to our "community," I decided to see it for myself.
Yes, yes, I know, we have to get through a summer chocked full of juvenilia, digitized end-of-the-world mayhem, and gallons upon gallons of blood accompanying screams and gore galore. And then, of course, serious cinema heavyweight award contenders throughout the fall. Okay, yes, of course.
Because that's my end goal, thinking about the scope of my career, is to just do as many different things as possible. I
It seems like I can't be on Facebook or any other form of social media for more than five minutes lately without seeing an
The film, starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, is out June 3.