Sam Heughan

The two showed in a "Late Late Show" friendship trivia game that love hurts -- even the platonic kind.
Earlier this season the show shifted to France for a time, reinventing Claire and Jamie as socialites of wealth and position
The more the media can present a complex and multi-faceted experience, the less alone women will feel. Rather than including
The cast opens up about Season 2's sexy secrets.
You know how when you remind your significant other for the nineteenth that your parents are coming to stay with you next
When Caitriona Balfe signed up to play Claire Randall in Outlander three years ago, she was asked if, by the way, she was prepared to have her life changed. She doesn't volunteer her answer from then, but today she says that's exactly what happened.
As I wrote last year, though it uses fantastical elements like time travel, “Outlander” offers some very real, concrete and
If you're missing Outlander during the split-season interim, or have been wondering what all of the fuss is about, there are still many ways to satisfy your cravings.
So we tolerate the dewy sex lighting, the primacy of the male gaze and the objectification of female bodies. We grimly put
Episode 107 begins with a flashback to Claire's and Frank's wedding day.