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Dear Colleagues, As part of my strategic push to have the newsroom take a leading role in developing new ways to present
No pressure, right? Why is Thanksgiving so stressful? If you're the host, it may be the sheer number of things you have to
Sam Sifton and Bon Appetit demonstrate the safe and delicious way to deep fry a turkey.
2. DC Science Cafe At Busboys And Poets Learn about synthetic biology in a comfortable environment with like-minded individuals
A recent New York Times article, Ethan Bronner, has been subject to harsh criticism for practicing the worst kind of stenographic, he-said, she-said journalism. The facts are clear: studies have repeatedly shown that in-person voting fraud is virtually non-existent.
Sam Sifton's salvo sullies two years of critical work, as it slaps at the important responsibility of the critic: to see and analyze cultural products in a thoughtful fashion.
"I'm looking for the absolute strongest journalists for these positions, and looking for what will be best for The New York
If you zero-star a restaurant, you're bound to ruffle some feathers (see: Jeffrey Chodorow's open-war on Frank Bruni after
Five years later Del Posto is that and more, a place to sit in luxury and drink Barolo, while eating food that bewilders