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"The Simpsons" co-creator Sam Simon died on Sunday at age 59, but his life's work will live on exactly as he planned it would
Her concept, "Name the Rescue," is simple: animal shelters allow people or businesses to name an adoptable pet (a.k.a. rescue pet) in exchange for a donation.
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Two years ago, Sam Simon -- also the comedic genius behind “Taxi” -- was diagnosed
The co-creator of “The Simpsons” never imagined he would earn tens of millions of dollars from the show’s royalties when it launched in 1989, but as Sam Simon, 58, faces a terminal diagnosis, he’s decided to give it nearly all away.
But Simon is candid about the behind-the-scenes role he prefers to play with his philanthropic work. The co-creator of “The
In 2002, Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, established The Sam Simon Foundation in order to give back to the community