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We can expect nothing encouraging on Sudan from the incoming "America First" administration of a racist Donald Trump. But
The violence here was not ethnic; the rebels were motivated by a range of motivations, ranging from patriotic - e.g. Arab
The U.S. presidential election mercifully has ended. But global conflict continues. And politicians are still attempting to drag America into another tragic, bloody Middle Eastern conflict.
In a surprisingly quick decision, the 15 members of the UN Security Council stood in a row to show they were united behind the candidacy of Antonio Guterres, a former UN refugee agency chief and an ex-prime minister of Portugal.
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It is time to raise the scales of preventive and punitive measures for sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers. An unequivocal message needs to be sent to every member state and troop contributing countries that only personnel who see the protection of human rights as their mission will continue to serve as UN peacekeepers.
At issue is a little-known UN committee that accredits non-governmental groups (NGOs) to participate in some meetings and conferences, including the Human Rights Council in Geneva. For the past four years it has deferred six times an application from the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).
• Additional excerpts from the analysis on the UN's role in Libya: To which Rice wrote in the email chain: "Very, very generous
Power visited the boy's family and offered her profound condolences.
Because the United States is the most powerful country in the world -- and given the state of the region -- some have second-guessed the decisions that President Obama and his Administration have made on the Middle East.
Instead of spending some $4 billion on its weapons programs, Pyongyang could have provided 40 years of humanitarian assistance to its impoverished citizens, South Korea's Ambassador Oh Joon told reporters.
Contemporary American feminism has primarily come to mean championing women's autonomy and challenging the privileging of male over female. But a feminism that is chiefly about autonomy is bound to liberate one person at the expense of another.
The United States has historically been the undisputed leader in resettling refugees in times of global crisis. Right now
Those of us who supported Barack Obama in 2008 in the hope that he was a man of peace must face the painful reality - we were dead wrong. Nowhere is our folly better illustrated than in the ongoing human rights catastrophe now unfolding in Yemen with critical U.S. assistance.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights says the coalition is responsible for a "disproportionate amount" of attacks on civilian areas.
The scale of the challenge to destroy terrorist financing is formidable. It is desperately difficult to trace ownership of
Power's visit is indeed a welcome gesture. Nonetheless, now's the time to see whether Washington's continued engagement with Colombo is predicated upon a mix of pragmatism and ideals.