same-day delivery

The filing revealed that the shuttles and drones would operate in an overlay fashion and send data back and forth about current
"The trend is to locate DCs much closer to consumers and operate a lot more of them," according to Garrick Brown, research
eBay’s same-day delivery service is no more.
With the company racking up all these speedy deliveries, it might be worth revisiting the woes of workers tasked with transporting
I am a mother of a small child. We live in the city in a small, but conveniently located, apartment. And, truth be told, same-day delivery has been a godsend for me.
EBay Inc launched a same-day delivery service in San Francisco and New York last year. Google has been testing the service
In the new test, shoppers in the Northern Virginia, Philadelphia and Minneapolis markets can pay a $10 flat fee for same
Though the sites are still new, they are making many traditional purveyors of pet supplies, soap and green products shiver
Department stores also face competition from Amazon's new fashion venture. Earlier this year, the company launched Amazon
But Amazon isn’t simply opening up a lot of new shipping centers. It’s also investing in making those centers much more efficient