same day registration

"African Americans will disproportionately bear this burden," the judge determined.
Many presidential primary voters experienced a range of problems.
And fights over voting restrictions could continue until Election Day.
Last cycle's voter turnout, about 36 percent, was estimated to be the lowest since 1940, but changes that could make voting
"We think this is an issue of national importance that should be resolved before the 2016 election cycle, so we do think
Research finds that felon disenfranchisement laws have influenced the outcomes of both presidential and Senate elections. Such laws disenfranchised almost 6 million voters this year -- most of them poor and people of color.
"It was a bright spot in Montana elections last night," Forward Montana CEO Kayje Booker told The Huffington Post. "We're
They don't want you voting. So vote!!!
Recent studies of the non-voting population suggests that wide gaps have opened up between voters and non-voters.
There is a jewel in the crown of Chief Justice Roberts' binding opinion that opens the flood gates for the wealthy to further fund political campaigns. It is jewel that people who believe in democracy (as opposed to plutocracy) should seize forthrightly.
I called Associate Professor Michael McDonald at George Mason University, and he told me that early voting and same-day registration may, in some situations, benefit Democrats and, in others, benefit Republicans.
Rig the Vote is the evil opposite of Rock the Vote. Rock is the campaign by a nonprofit to increase political engagement and register young people. Rig is the campaign by the GOP to suppress political engagement and subvert balloting.
But the issue is in fact on the radar of Wisconsin lawmakers. Shortly after Walker's comments, state Rep. Joel Kleefisch
In July, Dane County Circuit Judge David Flanagan found that the GOP-pushed requirement creates a "substantial impairment