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"African Americans will disproportionately bear this burden," the judge determined.
Many presidential primary voters experienced a range of problems.
And fights over voting restrictions could continue until Election Day.
"A lot of those machines are starting to wear out, and that federal money is gone, so you’re starting to see states like
The petition seeking Supreme Court review was filed by the Advancement Project and the American Civil Liberties Union, two
Research finds that felon disenfranchisement laws have influenced the outcomes of both presidential and Senate elections. Such laws disenfranchised almost 6 million voters this year -- most of them poor and people of color.
The measure on Tuesday's ballot, called Amendment 6, was in response to a citizen-driven initiative to create weeks of early
They don't want you voting. So vote!!!
Recent studies of the non-voting population suggests that wide gaps have opened up between voters and non-voters.
Moreover, election officials suggest that there are other ways to address concerns about wait times without eliminating Election