Same sex

Demi Burnett declared herself a "queer queen" after the trailer for the upcoming season dropped.
The network has no plans to air "Mr. Ratburn & the Special Someone." It's available for anyone to watch online.
"After six months on a spaceship, everybody's gay."
Colombia’s highest court has given the green light to gay marriage in the conservative, mostly Catholic country. The magistrates
It felt as if no one understood the hurdles I knew I had to overcome to get to a point where the "happy news" wasn't underlined in bold with a huge asterisks of "but what happens when..."
The sentiments of the GOP hopefuls are deeply brooding, even desperate, and Democrat candidates will be forced to take them seriously. The question remains, then, what plays will they employ to counter the cries for religious justice.
"While studying with Jeffrey Tambor, I was inspired to create my own material after my first few years in L.A. had lacked
Mike Pence said that the issue had been turned into "shameless rhetoric."