Same Sex Parents

The "American Horror Story" star is now a proud papa of twins.
For this mom, having to explain her family to others eventually got the best of her.
For some in the LGBT community, determining how they can start or even grow their families with the help of fertility experts is a process sometimes fraught with obstacles. I'm happy to say that in my nearly 30 years as a fertility doctor, third-party reproductive options have come a long way.
Honestly, it was hard for me to read this book. Even as an avid reader, it was hard to stick with it; however, it wasn't hard for the reasons readers might assume. Some might jump to assume that it wasn't well-researched, or well-written, or both. Some might even assume that it wasn't catchy enough to compete with our social media saturated culture.
I hid who I was for the greater part of my adolescence, and it wounded my soul. I'm a parent now. We are living in different times, and after having gone through it, I make it a point to let my daughter know she can be herself and will not be judged for it.
"It reminds me that I conquered my biggest fear by living my truth."
"If suddenly it’s Mother’s Day and you have two dads, you’re jacked."
The mom had said she was unsure of the gay dads' abilities as parents.
Here's an important, though rarely discussed, aspect of same-sex parenting.
Because some still believe those parents aren't as worthy as their heterosexual counterparts.