Sammy Cahn

Cabaret is alive and not quite yet reduced to gasping for breath in New York City.
As a fan of non-amplified solo recitals, the sound environment of this recording is like sitting in down-center Orchestra in a world class concert hall and having eye-to-eye contact with an artist whose big guns vocals penetrate clear to the soul.
If you have $4 million to spare, a Lamborghini Veneno may help confirm your existence, if not your identity. For a cheaper
Since her 2004 debut CD, The Nearness of You, Nicole Henry has been the artist to watch in the world of Jazz. Last week, Nicole Henry made her long-awaited west coast / San Francisco debut at the Rrazz Room.
Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to exchange a few words with many terrific songwriters and artists ranging from Billy Joel and Garth Brooks to Jimmy Jam and Jimmy Webb and even an exec or two as they that walked the red carpet at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame awards show.
I confess that I am an abject failure as a musical detective. I cannot identify a piece of music accurately 95 out of 100 times, and on occasion the misidentifications have been astonishing.