Give two Oregon Girl Scout troops a merit badge for resilience. Stung by a fake order of 6,000 boxes of the organization's signature cookies, the troops held an emergency sale Saturday to distribute their $24,000 of inventory, ABC News reported. Hundreds of people showed up and bought $12,000 worth, or 3,000 boxes, to put the girls back on track.
It was too late to cancel the order; the mountains of boxes had already arrived. The hoaxster "hurt our feelings a lot," Girl
The door opened and then, my world fell apart like Trefoils left in milk for too long.
New for 2010, Thank U Berry Munch is the most recent flavor to be added onto the Girl Scout Cookie roster. Stuffed with real
It's that time again: Girl Scouts going door-to-door, selling tasty cookies with sweet smiles. But those days may soon be