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Reynolds posted a hilarious clip of the video he says he was "legally obligated" to show the world.
Retail experts say the Arkansas-based company's decision is an early sign of how the coronavirus will impact Black Friday shopping.
The retail giant will only give customers a seven-day supply of the painkillers.
If you didn't buy it on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there's still time.
This modern Skylight Inn sequel serves up ‘cue as well as killer burgers and wings
When Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook passed away May 29 our nation and world lost a very creative and distinguished political scientist
One consumer found pieces of rubber in the product.
People tend to join Costco or Sam's Club to save money on bulk sizes of products they would be buying anyway. But many warehouse club shoppers repeatedly find themselves splurging on something out of the ordinary, maybe justifying the purchase by telling themselves it's a deal.
The Economic Policy Institute found that currency manipulation is the most important cause of America's massive trade deficits with TPP countries. Trade deficits mean products are shipped to the United States rather than made in the United States. The math is simple.
Warehouse clubs such as Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's Wholesale Club promise savings on everyday household items including paper goods, bulk food, electronics, and even prescription drugs. But there are also some truly off-the-wall items that can be found in warehouse clubs, often for a fraction of the price shoppers would normally pay.