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The book Galaxy S4: The Missing Manual is value-priced and, at almost 500 pages, seemingly encyclopedic. It's a good, well
Time for an upgrade? We've made the decision easier by comparing features of six new handsets, including the new iPhone 5S
Should I get an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S4? I get asked this question several times a day. I've had my iPhone 5 since
ts expansiveness, acute organization and the enthusiasm from the buyers, booth & brand reps and all those invited to attend, was nothing short of overwhelming.
Samsung's hottest smartphone got a little too hot for one man in Hong Kong. The man, known only as Du, says a flaming Samsung Galaxy S4 torched his entire house, according to a report on Chinese website
[H/T Gizmodo] The man, known only as Du, says a flaming Samsung Galaxy S4 torched his entire house, according to a report
Continuing my series on accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (cases and screen protectors were previous installments), let's
In the previous installment of my review of products for the Samsung Galaxy S4, I reviewed cases. What about protecting the
Samsung said it will begin selling its curved OLED television outside South Korea from July but did not specify which countries
Samsung Electronics Co plans to sell a variation of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone that will transmit data at nearly twice the normal speed, the head of its mobile business said on Monday.
A movie download that takes 3 minutes with conventional 4G would take slightly more than 1 minute, Samsung said. Shin declined
The S4 Active is apparently also a monster underwater: It can stay in water for half an hour at a depth of one meter, take
Ok, so you read my review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and decided to pick up a new phone. Now what? Let's look at some accessories
Samsung calls its new Galaxy S4 (or, technically, "S 4," with a space) a "life companion." Whatever you choose to call it
Samsung is also expected to unveil more varieties of the S4 in the upcoming mobile event in London next month including a
Despite the Galaxy S4's status as a highly anticipated phone that, frankly, is probably good enough to sell without any marketing
The risks are high. A simple manufacturing error involving unsatisfactory design of handset cases cost Samsung 2 million
If your phone rings while driving, a quick wave of the hand will answer the call and automatically set it to speakerphone
Phones got smaller; batteries got better -- phones got bigger again; batteries got worse -- we added more features, more functionality, more confusion.
Engadget has video of the new controller in action. The Galaxy S4 may have stolen the show -- and indeed, constituted the