samsung smartwatch

The concept of the watch is great, and I imagine that smartwatches will one day become as ubiquitous as smartphones are today
"A lot of people talk about the feeling of wearing Google Glass and having technology melt away, but I don't think that acknowledges
While I'm excited about the future prospects of wearable tech, I think the industry has a lot of hurdles to get past before we can see strong sellers in this market. For now, these products seem best suited for niche markets -- hardcore techies and health/fitness buffs.
The watch to me is a sacred cow -- a device with a specific purpose, that does that purpose very very well. I want to know the time, and maybe even the date, but that's all I want my watch to do. Period.
On Wednesday, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, a gadget being hailed as a leap forward for wearable computing, the first such device from a major technology company and an important offensive in Samsung’s ongoing battle with Apple.
Next to the smartwatch, checking a smartphone seems downright cumbersome. It has to be fished out of pockets or purses, woken
On Wednesday, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Gear, a voice-controlled "smartwatch" that connects to Samsung smartphones and can make phone calls, take pictures and display text messages and emails.
"We wanted to make a wearable of tomorrow that is designed for everyone," said Pranav Mistry, Samsung America's director
The race to release a smart-watch into a nascent market is heating up, with Samsung rumored to be trademarking and applying for patents around the development of its new watch.
Samsung is set to reveal its Galaxy Gear smartwatch next Wednesday, Sept. 4, in Berlin. But this weekend, we got a first