Samuel Dubose

Raymond Tensing, who shot the unarmed black man, remains under investigation by federal authorities.
Tensing is affected, as we all are, by a political culture that supports this kind of self-absorption. I do not want to demonize
The family will receive free tuition for his 12 children.
My daddy died in January 2013, and one of the last things we talked about was the Chicago police. He was an optimistic man with a fierce passion for social justice, but after a protracted debate with an ultra-idealistic me, he shouted, "Marilyn, don't you know that the police is the biggest gang in the city?"
#BlackLivesMatter is a just and vital political tool in the fight against police brutality. The problem is that it reduces to a matter of race a series of legal scenarios that are about race but also -- in addition -- a problem with the Fourth and Fifth Amendments that prosecutors and judges have done nothing whatsoever to remedy.
This week, a 272-year-old-institution experienced some growing pains. On Monday, September 21, a student group at the University of Delaware hosted a controversial speaker. Students representing the Black Lives Matter movement peacefully protested the event.
This #BlackLivesMatter movement was not the result of a mandate by Congress or laws set forth by State governments. It is merely a fierce grassroots movement that has created enormous awareness to a series of incidents that have involved police shootings and unarmed black males.
CINCINNATI (AP) -- The Cincinnati City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to suspend the off-campus patrols of University
When King David slept with another man's wife, a prophet came to him and told him about a rich man stealing a poor man's pet lamb who was like a member of the family. David, outraged by the story, said the rich man had no pity and deserved to die. T
If the death of Cecil the lion leaves you angry and frustrated, it might be time for you to be just as furious over the deaths of unarmed civilians killed and beaten by those hired to protect and serve us. Just a thought.
Predictably it took almost no time for ex-University of Cincinnati Cop Ray Tensing who is charged with the murder of unarmed motorist Samuel Dubose to make his $1 million bail. This is the first danger sign that convicting Tensing of Dubose's murder is far from a slam dunk.
There is certainly a lot of outrage over the killing of Cecil the Lion by an American dentist. Yet, as Americans have grieved and raged against the killing of Cecil, many have not put that same energy and empathy into grieving and raging against the slaughter of African Americans in the U.S., especially by police.
This shooting speaks of the character of the officer because what kind of officer would shoot and kill an unarmed human, then lie about it, while all the time KNOWING that the whole thing was on tape because he was wearing a body camera?
In this generation, simply sending out a tweet with a trending hashtag is lazy, disingenuous and ill-conceived in generating momentum for a movement. A well-timed status update largely does nothing other than trick the person into believing he/she has done their part in the struggle.
One of the officers says "yes" to the question of whether he saw Tensing dragged.
The two officers restrained a mentally ill patient while another cop shot him with a stun gun.