San Bernardino, California

Police said three of the victims are "extremely critical."
Joel Arrona-Lara was stopped at a San Bernardino gas station en route to a local hospital.
Attacks on soft targets have become commonplace and will become even more so with the passage of time.
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"By the end, we were just a bunch of friends laughing together," a guest said. "Food has a magical way of doing that.”
The lawsuit claims that Twitter, Facebook and Google have provided "material support" to terrorist groups, including Islamic State.
There were no calls for Christian leaders to publicly condemn the attack.
What happened to San Bernardino shooting victim Karen Smith is the sad reality for too many black women.
And how many more needless tragedies need to occur for our country to have a real conversation about gun control?
To those of us who work to end violence against women every day, this is a familiar story.
Extremist attacks don't pose a daily threat to American women. But their partners do.
The national media swarmed to cover the 2015 attack, while Monday's school shooting is quickly receding from the headlines.
All the news for the day, including sizzling details on the “Luv Guv.” 1. Trump is set to spend more federal money on travel
This thread weaves the many incidents of mass violence together.
I want the president to stand up to those who wish to harm us. But this does not accomplish that.
The shooters weren't tied to any of the countries targeted in the ban.